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Innovative products, top of the line fragrances with amazing customer service. We strive every day to help businesses implement a scenting strategy to increase their sales and keep their customers and visitors satisfied.

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After many years of working in healthcare, we felt there was a need for a service-oriented company that would provide excellent scenting products along with amazing customer service. In 2016, Fresh Scents was started and in a few short years we have become the go to scent company that provides oil diffusers all over the country in nursing homes, assisted living centers, office buildings, retail, and many other businesses. We also do home scenting! Our wide array of approved IFRA essential oils invigorates, calms, soothes and accomplishes any goal a company might have with ambient branding in interior environments both large and small. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to speaking with you about whatever scenting requirements you desire.

Fresh Scents Team