Meet the CEO.

Many brands were born by a forward-thinking entrepreneur carving out a profitable niche. Less often, the niche found the entrepreneur.

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Ken had worked in the Nursing Home industry for over a decade

Ken’s nose would wrinkle as he entered the facilities he served, and he knew that their Administrators had surrendered their futile anti-odor efforts and grown immune to the unpleasantness filling their place of work.

One bright morning, Ken walked into a Nursing Facility on New York’s Long Island and was baffled by the fresh, inviting atmosphere greeting him as he entered.

The receptionist was smiling and the Admin greeted Ken as he put down his things.

“What the heck did you do to this place?” Ken asked.

“Ah”, replied the administrator. “A friend of mine works in retail scenting, he dropped in and put up some gizmos, and here we are!”

Ken resolved to find out more, and evening found him talking to the CEO of that company.

One year later, Ken opened his doors as a scenting firm focused exclusively on repairing the damaging environment that had until that point been “par for the course” in the nursing home industry.

Word of mouth ballooned his innovative new business faster than he could keep up, and Ken brought on new talent to be the frontman and face of the company: Ami (Andrew) Feinstein.

Today, Fresh Scents serves nursing facilities across the United States, enabling them to vanquish this subtle enemy and upgrade their interiors for the benefit of their residents, visitors, and staff.

We’d love to help you transform your facility into the place you dream of and believe it could be.

Give us a call; don’t be afraid of getting hit with a hard sell. We don’t do that:)

Looking forward to speaking with you!