Aroma one

A High Performance Air Care System for Offices and Restrooms

The Aroma One fan air freshener system is built for neutralizing tough airborne odors while simultaneously providing superior, linear, aroma enhancement for any small area, making it perfect for addressing restroom-born malodors in any commercial, industrial or municipal environment.

Its performance has made it the premier choice for owners or managers of any commercial or industrial space, including but not limited to retail establishments, restaurants, condos, boutique stores, office complexes, municipal buildings, schools, colleges, and much more.

Features and Advantages of The Aroma One Include:

  • Holds three Aroma Bars
  • Covers up to 400 square feet
  • Uses one “D” battery, no adapter necessary
  • Key lock deters theft and vandalism
  • Modern design with optimal air flow.
  • Air velocity fan blade outperforms other designs.
  • Three smart-switch settings, which include Continuous (30-day) operation,Linear (30-day) operation for more even refill performance, and an Extended (60-day) cycle for the best possible end user experience.


Restroom Odor Care

The maintenance of a clean restroom care is vital to human health. Nothing will turn off a potential customer more than a dirty, unsanitary public bathroom. It doesn’t matter what other amenities may be waiting in the wings, a poorly maintained restroom is a big red flag waving in front of the eyes of any potential customer and potentially make them ill.

We offer air freshener systems that will relieve business owners anxiety about the daunting task of maintaining spotless bathrooms. Consider the battery-operated Aroma One Fan Air Freshener Dispenser. The Aroma One concept has been eliminating foul odors in commercial restrooms for decades and is well known for its three-way ventilation for maximum air flow.