Information on placement of our products for maximum efficiency and for odor control, as well as downloadable document resources.

Proper Placement and Maintenance of the Aroma Beam

To maximize the full effect and benefit of the scent it is preferable to start off placing 2 or 3 bars in the slots inside the machine closest to the fan. After 2 weeks place another 2 or 3 bars closest to the fan. Move the others towards the back. After 30 days repeat the process with fresh bars.

The Aroma beam is best positioned in the following locations:

  • Where guests first enter the space
  • Near high traffic volume
  • Crossing the flow of air from any ducts
  • In a discrete location
  • High up as possible without any barriers that will block the airflow

DO NOT install near exhaust fans that will draw the fragrance out of the area
DO NOT install near heating ducts that will quickly evaporate the fragrance
DO NOT place near doors that open to the outside
DO NOT place at face level near a person sitting or standing

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