Fresh Scents has just expanded to home scenting. I wanted a small but effective option for my home. Their Aroma Plug in was just what I was looking for.

Alice Silver

After a long hiatus, due to COVID, our office building started filling up and we hired Fresh Scents to scent all of our building lobbies. It makes a great first impression and our visitors tell us how much they enjoy the luxurious scent

John Taylor

Since we started using a diffuser from Fresh Scents many of our customers have commented on how nice our store smells. Our customers have always loved our high-end clothing and adding scent has enhanced their overall shopping experience

Lauren Wexler

We were having severe odor issues in our nursing facility, and we were referred to Fresh Scents by another facility. Ken promptly addressed our issue and now our facility smells amazing

Jacob Meltzer

My Staff, residents, and family members absolutely love the pleasant smell in our hallways!
It makes such a difference in our day-to-day and I would absolutely recommend Fresh Scents to everyone in the healthcare industry.

Keeth Wallace

The transformation is incredible! We walk into the residents area and enjoy a deep breath of wonderful scent… Huge credit to Fresh Scents

Jay Spiegel