I’ll never forget how this woman walked into our facility and said one word to her husband: “Nasty”. I gave my heart to my job. And I was devastated.

We called in Fresh Scents the next day. They were so quick and professional – really impressive. Our nursing home now greets folks like a Nordstrom does… or a high-end hotel. And I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks Ken and Tuli!

Patrick DonovanLNHA

We were having severe odor issues in our nursing facility.
I heard about Fresh Scents from a fellow administrator..
They were like a dream come true. They were quick, showed us that we were their priority, and were affordable too.
Our facility feels now high-end thanks to Fresh Scents. Tuli, you’re awesome!

Jacob MeltzerLNHA

My Staff, residents, and family members absolutely love the pleasant smell in our hallways!
It makes such a difference in our day-to-day and I would absolutely recommend Fresh Scents to everyone in the healthcare industry.

Keeth WallaceLNHA

The transformation is incredible! We walk into the residents area and enjoy a deep breath of wonderful scent… Huge credit to Fresh Scents

Jay SpiegelLNHA